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Janell Petrucci Memorial Coaches Grant

In memory of Janell Petrucci, one of the biggest Downingtown East football fans, the Janell Petrucci Charitable Foundation made a donation of $1,500 to support assistant coaching salaries. Under Coach Matta Downingtown East has continuously developed outstanding assistant coaches who in turn have developed the values and character of the fine young men who wear the Cougar uniform. Janell was an avid East football and softball fan. She was extremely active in the football booster club and served as president of the softball booster club. She also was a very active supporter of her 3 children's travel sports teams. Janell was also an elementary teacher who spent most of her career volunteering as a teacher's aide even while she was undergoing harsh chemotherapy treatments. The Janell Petrucci Foundation supports causes that were important to Janell. These causes include cancer research and family support, Downingtown East Athletics, and youth education and mental health.

If you would like to make a donation to her foundation you can do so at GoFundMe Janell Petrucci Charitable Foundation.

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