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Carter Crowley - Fullback/Tightend #29 - Class of 2015

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

First memory of running onto Kottmeyer Field?

Had an immense pride in being a part of the team and thought the Downingtown East football program was the coolest thing to be a part of. I felt like a big time athlete and always felt some healthy pressure to play well for my team, the coaches and the program.

Memories from Blue & Gold Camp?

I had a ton of fun as a counselor and volunteered for two years. Won a Gatorball championship as a coach (shout out Bryce Lauletta) and enjoyed teaching younger players the basics of the game while helping them work together as a team.

Biggest win you were involved in?

Quakertown in the playoffs (2014). Our team was never the greatest athletically but we showed up to Quakertown in the cold ready to knock those kids out. It was an amazing experience being able to complete and push further into the state playoffs. We won 21-0 after being picked by all local media to lose by much more.

What accomplishments are you most proud of?

In my life I am most proud of the lessons I have learned and the experiences that I have had because they have made me the man I am today. I would not be where I am today without learning discipline, commitment, and many other lessons from the coaches at Downingtown East. They truly want to see you succeed on the field as well as later in life. Personal achievements that I am most proud of are receiving a Bachelor's of Science degree in Exercise and Sports Science from Temple University, being selected as a US Army Infantry Officer out of college, being a graduate of US Army Ranger School and Airborne school, and currently working as a Platoon Leader overseas in the 1st Cavalry Division's 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team.

What is one thing Downingtown Football taught you that you carry with you today?

Discipline and teamwork. Both of these are essential for success in the military as well as in life. Learning to be a good teammate as a Downingtown Football player helped me make some great friends in high school, many of who I still talk to daily.

Funniest thing you can remember as a player?

Nothing specific, but Coach Matta screaming random things at players during best on best is the first thing that comes to mind.

Favorite Class and/or Teacher?

Mr. Appel, English.

How did your involvement in athletics aid in the path that you chose?

Yes, for sure. Physical Fitness is a massive focus in the military and specifically in the Infantry community. Not being physically fit will greatly decrease your performance as a soldier and a combat leader. I learned to love the weight room and the stress of hard work because it makes you a better individual and will never fail at keeping you humble.

Funniest teammate and why…

Tommy Hockenjos and that's a fact. Ask Coach Hauser why and he probably has just as many stories as I do.

What saying or phrase do you still hear in your head?

"Burn the ships" or "Square peg, round hole, bring a hammer".

What was your favorite non-athletic activity at Downingtown?

Hanging out with friends that I made while in school and fishing at Marsh Creek.

Where are you living now and what are you doing?

Currently I am deployed to Romania with the 1st Cavalry Division and working as an Infantry Platoon Leader. When not deployed I work at Fort Hood, Texas and live in Georgetown, Texas.

Last time at a game?

Probably 2018 - it's been too long.

I wish I knew this when I played…

I wish I knew how fast it would truly fly by. Those football seasons and games under the lights come and go and I wish I knew how good I had it being a Downingtown Football player.

What would you like to share to the current and future Downingtown Football players?

Work hard, be the best you can be, but stop every once a while and be thankful for being a part of a great and prideful program with great facilities and staff that work hard for you. The day will come for you to take off the pads and hang them in the locker room for the last time, but never let that be the last time you work hard, be a good teammate, or learn new things. Enjoy your time as a Downingtown East Football player and pay it forward to keep the program successful and prideful for years down the road. Also if any members of the program have any questions about the military or life after football, feel free to reach out at any time.

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